Conveyor and Sortation Systems

Why Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor?

July, 2017

Honeywell Intelligrated’s Joe Joice reviews the benefits of Honeywell Intelligrated’s VRC, including: low moving parts; quick disconnects; and Servo technology, which provides precision and flexible discharge locations at a higher rate and speed than others in the industry.

With vertical reciprocating conveyors, you can move product up and down in the same unit, with user-configurable input and discharge heights for added system flexibility. Industry-leading conveyor speeds and a variety of configurations give you the ability to handle a diverse array of products with the pace and reliability to match or even exceed your operational requirements.

Vertical reciprocating conveyors are available in C, Z and 3-D configurations. Single- or multi-shelf configurations are available in a range of sizes to deal with multiple product handling challenges. Best of all, the conveyors have minimal moving parts for ease of maintenance.

Tinted or clear polycarbonate plastic window designs provide you with clear visibility into the system. An optional HMI touch-screen is available to further simplify user interaction.



Conveyor and Sortation Systems

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