Conveyor and Sortation Systems

Vertical Solutions: Elevating Your Products to the Next Level

March, 2017

Modern DC operators face a common dilemma: the space they need to meet omnichannel demands is running out. As direct-to-consumer order fulfillment has greatly expanded their logistical requirements, the physical constraints of their warehosue have them feeling boxed in. This episode explores vertical conveyor options available to solve this space problem. Joe Joice, vice president of business development for USS, a Honeywell Intelligrated company, address the following topics:

  • Why the option to expand vertically is becoming more commonplace
  • How commercial logistics models are evolving from traditional "push" to consumer-driven "pull"
  • Pros and cons of a wide range of vertical lift and conveyance technology currently available
  • Where this technology is applicable to manufacturing and assembly environments


Conveyor and Sortation Systems

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