Top 10 Honeywell Intelligrated YouTube Videos for 2018: Lights, Camera, Knowledge!

December, 2018

Honeywell Intelligrated is about action, movement and expertise; there’s no better way to capture ideas in motion than video. That’s why we produce a wide range of videos and webinars to discuss our latest thinking and showcase our material handling technologies for the distribution, fulfillment and manufacturing industries. What follows is a summary of our top 10 most-viewed videos of 2018.

  1. Honeywell Intelligrated Overview

    A high-speed look at our tightly integrated automated material handling and intelligent software solutions, helping leading retailers, e-tailers, manufacturers and logistics providers around the world move goods with unimaginable speed, accuracy and volume.


  2. Warehouse Execution System (WES)
    See this fast-paced introduction to our Momentum™ WES platform, offering flexibility and speed for complex omnichannel and e-commerce fulfillment by making automated decisions about operational demands in real time.


  3. Offset Labor Challenges With AS/RS Shuttle Automation
    A webinar is one of the most effective and convenient ways to share information and insights. This episode of our On The Move webinar series uses animation to show how deploying shuttle automation is evolving into a pragmatic solution for offsetting labor shortages.


  4. AS/RS OLS
    With a combination of animation and live video, we demonstrate how the AS/RS One Level Shuttle (OLS) system provides quick access to inventory in a minimal footprint compared to traditional storage.


  5. Pick-to-light and Put-to-light: Enabling Flexible Order Fulfillment
    As part of the On The Move webinar series, Honeywell Intelligrated e-commerce experts demonstrate different approaches to aggregating individual orders to shrink the order profile, depending on density.


  6. Put Walls
    This brief animated video shows how the flexibility of Honeywell Intelligrated’s put walls helps pickers fill dynamic order profiles quickly and accurately.


  7. Momentum™: The Next-generation Warehouse Execution System
    Honeywell Intelligrated wanted to eliminate problematic customization to warehouse execution systems and instead offer customers a more reliable, configurable approach. In this episode of the popular On The Move webinar series, you’ll learn how the Momentum WES platform offers flexibility, speed and automated decisions to respond to operational demands in real time.


  8. Case Study: Adidas
    Two distribution centers. Two million square feet. Ten miles of conveyor. When Adidas set out to build their biggest distribution center in the world, they turned to Honeywell Intelligrated. This video gives you a look at one of the most extensive DCs ever built.


  9. Case Study: Bee Sweet Citrus
    Whether shipping 10,000 boxes of fresh citrus or 10 million boxes worldwide, Bee Sweet Citrus faced unique business challenges. In this video case study, you’ll see how Honeywell Intelligrated developed an automated palletizing solution to handle the fast-paced processing of high volumes of a variety of fresh fruit.


  10. Unlock Your DC’s Hidden Potential With WES
    This On The Move webinar episode explains how WES software helps retailers increase storage densities, drive throughput, improve order consolidation and minimize labor costs in existing facilities —all combining to drive new levels of warehouse efficiency.


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