Top 10 Honeywell Intelligrated Blogs for 2018: A Recap of Our Most Viewed Entries

December, 2018

Nothing beats a good blog post to introduce you to breakthrough technologies and fresh thinking about new material — all within a quick two-minute read. Based on traffic to our website, we’ve selected the 10 most popular blogs entries we’ve published in 2018, including mini-articles and case studies that are as relevant today as the day they were posted. 

  1. Unleash the power of Momentum™ in your warehouse 
    This blog introduced a major breakthrough in warehouse execution systems, describing how Honeywell Intelligrated’s Momentum software enables the increased automation needed to take on the exponentially faster pace and complexity of e-commerce.
  2. Robotics developments produce game-changing innovations for material handling 
    Robots like routine — and have thus struggled to master the quick thinking and rapid response it takes to keep today’s products moving. In this overview, we learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence will soon bring more advanced robotics into distribution and fulfillment centers.
  3. 10 steps to improve operational efficiency
    “Train, train and train again.” It’s one of 10 ways e-fulfillment centers help their large labor forces get product out the door (the blog includes a link to an On The Move webinar with the full story).
  4. Honeywell Intelligrated powers new Amazon fulfillment center 
    It took an on-site team of 110 Honeywell Intelligrated techs, engineers and support personnel to deploy our material handling equipment in Amazon’s 600,000 square foot center. This blog is a sneak peek at advanced material handling strategies on a massive scale. 
  5. Introducing Momentum™ WES: warehouse execution. Simplified 
    In this major product introduction, we learn why Honeywell Intelligrated took a “clean sheet” approach to warehouse execution systems, unifying all connected warehouse functions on the industry’s first single, unified software platform.
  6. See The Connected Distribution Center in action at MODEX 
    This was your invitation to see seven — count them: seven — live product demos at the MODEX 2018 Expo in Atlanta, giving visitors a dynamic opportunity to experience the new systems, software and services that make The Connected Distribution Center of today — and tomorrow — a reality. 
  7. Top 5 sortation challenges facing post and parcel operations 
    Package variety, an enormous increase in package volume, and the need for greater automation are among the issues that arise as the postal system handles more e-commerce. We offered new thinking on these challenges at the 2018 National Postal Forum in Baltimore. 
  8. Latest On The Move video series explores warehouse execution system (WES) benefits 
    The best way to quickly see and understand how new technology and concepts are transforming material handling is with video. This blog introduces a five-video series that explains why modern warehouse execution systems differ from all other warehouse software, systems and technologies — and why they are the key to connecting and integrating islands of automation.
  9. The hidden cost of non-OEM replacement parts 
    The money you save by buying cheaper replacement parts often turns out to be a very expensive investment. This blog post discusses seven pitfalls of cutting corners on equipment, starting with the total cost of ownership versus the sticker price. 
  10. Connecting DC assets to meet rising e-commerce challenges 
    The exponential growth of e-commerce is pushing traditional distribution centers beyond their limits — and shows no sign of slowing. This blog entry discusses how the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and connected technologies are helping companies make the digital transformation to meet these challenges. 

We hope you’ll find these blogs valuable. Be sure to bookmark our blog page and come back each week to see our newest post.

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