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Smart Robotics: Robotic Unloader

August, 2019

Robotic unloaders fully automate one of the most injury-prone and uncomfortable tasks in the distribution center, reducing your turnover rate and freeing up workers for other jobs.

Using a combination of a straddle arm and a conveyor sweep system, these robots are capable of unloading a wide variety of case sizes and weights, even from trailers that haven’t been loaded with robots in mind.

They’re easy to integrate with your existing shipping infrastructure, requiring no modifications to trailers, trucks or shipping containers. Troubleshooting and maintenance are also simple, even without advanced skills.

Cutting-edge advances in machine learning enable the unloader to become more effective over time, learning both from its own experiences and other robots in your supply chain, and then handle packages with greater care.

Together, these advantages enable robotic unloaders to achieve more than double the productivity of manual processes, working at a consistent rate — without breaks or fatigue.


Robotic Solutions

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