Palletizing and Depalletizing

Palletizing Systems: Conventional or Robotic?

July, 2017

Matt Wicks discusses manual, conventional and robotic palletizing, and which solutions may work best for your needs.

No single technology is set to dominate palletizing for the foreseeable future – the best answer to palletizing challenges depends on the application.

  1. Conventional palletizers remain the leading mid- to high-speed palletizing solution. Robots cannot duplicate the continuous rates, complex patterns or range of packaging types. Additionally, the palletizer’s relative low cost reinforces their ongoing popularity.
  2. Robotic palletizers excel in simple, low-speed, multi-line and bag palletizing applications. Their precision, continued technological development and falling costs as technology matures bolster their continued growth.
  3. Hybrid conventional and robotic systems have growing potential. As technology advances and mass production lowers robot costs, hybrid solutions can deliver on more applications.



Palletizing and Depalletizing

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