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Articulated Arm Loader / Unloader

August, 2019

Loading and unloading trailers is a back-breaking job — and especially unpleasant in very hot or cold weather.

It’s also one of the most common causes of work-related injuries in distribution centers.

Vehicle-mounted articulated arms allow you to make better use of your employees in more rewarding and higher-value tasks, increasing worker satisfaction and reducing turnover in today’s tight labor market.

Able to work as both loaders and unloaders, these robotic solutions get the job done quickly with minimal supervision — especially when working with standardized cases — and improve your return on investment by increasing the utilization of existing equipment.

Also, the accuracy and predictability of deliveries improve efficiency throughout your supply chain.

Best of all, robotic arms easily integrate with existing material handling systems, without the need to change processes or add supporting equipment.

If you’re ready to increase accuracy and productivity in today’s challenging labor market, discover how the articulated arm loader and unloader can lower your logistics costs while reducing labor requirements on the dock.



Robotic Solutions

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