7 Takeaways From MODEX 2020

May, 2020

Honeywell Intelligrated recently returned from exhibiting at MODEX 2020, where we showcased a variety of innovative solutions designed to help you stay competitive and profitable in the face of escalating fulfillment pressures. If you joined us in our booth, you saw our interactive demos and live product displays firsthand. If you’d like to review them again — or were unable to attend — we’ve compiled a series of videos featuring every major solution we demonstrated there. And we’ve made these videos easily accessible on our website, so you can continue to reference them as you evaluate opportunities to improve fulfillment efficiency, accuracy and productivity. 

From smart robotics, future-proof scalability and real-time asset monitoring to resource retention strategies, labor productivity and end-to-end distribution center (DC) control, we hope you will use these strategies to accelerate your transition from DC Now to DC Next. 

  1. Simulate before building — System design simulation is an essential tool for validating throughput capabilities at the facility, system and equipment levels in new greenfield or existing facilities. Design simulation provides system validation, reduces commissioning time, and helps companies align their systems to their specific fulfillment goals — and even implement a digital twin strategy to evaluate ongoing system improvements. 
  2. Automate truck unloading — Receiving is one of the most critical (and traditionally manual) tasks in DC operations. Robotic truck unloaders are relieving workers of this hot, dirty, repetitive and often dangerous task without requiring any special modifications to trailers. Enable additional receiving efficiencies with automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) that deliver high-density, small-footprint case storage.
  3. Streamline order picking and consolidation — Combine automated mobile robots (AMRs), voice-directed picking solutions, pick-to-light and RFID scanning technologies to create streamlined, integrated order picking and put wall consolidation workflows. Then, leverage advanced warehouse execution software to coordinate each aspect in real time for maximum worker productivity, intelligent AMR routing and overall fulfillment efficiencies.
  4. Integrate robotic sorter induction — Effective sorter induction is critical to accurate and timely shipping operations; this task is another opportunity for robotics to relieve labor pressures. Advanced robotic sorters induct bulk items of all types to automate this process — locating the shipping label on each package and properly orienting them onto the sorter so they can be read and routed to the correct shipping lane.
  5. Modernize lifecycle management — Traditional lifecycle management strategies are quickly evolving to leverage the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and emerging technologies to dramatically limit unplanned downtime. Augmented reality smart glasses allow technicians to communicate in real time with expert support engineers for eyes-on diagnostics and fast issue resolution. Voice technologies bring precision and efficiency to checklist-driven maintenance and inspection tasks — not only material handling equipment and fleet trucks, but also in other highly regulated industries such as aerospace and aviation.
  6. Transition to predictive maintenance — Connected IIoT infrastructures are providing a platform for DCs to transition from a break/fix maintenance model to a data-driven strategy capable of detecting issues before they cause downtime. By leveraging data from existing control systems, inputs from vibration and temperature sensors and powerful visualization software, DCs can eliminate common errors, reduce downtime by up to 40%, and potentially save hundreds of thousand of dollars each year.
  7. Upgrade warehouse automation with software — From the time an order is received to when it is loaded onto a truck, DCs need perfectly optimized fulfillment processes. Honeywell Intelligrated’s Momentum™ warehouse execution software provides real-time visibility into order status, inventory and fulfillment operations. This next-generation warehouse automation platform utilizes advanced machine-learning algorithms to deliver the decision intelligence needed to enable dynamic decision-making in the DC. 

To access all these videos in one place, please visit our MODEX 2020 resource page. We hope learning more about these informative tools gives you everything you need to accelerate your transition from DC Now to DC Next.

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